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There are many famous people around the world who have motivated us and showed us how even after being at rock bottom you can find your way up and forward. And one of such man is Justin Herald who have managed to take the business world by storm. He has proved how you can seize a small opportunity at the right time and have a direction that would completely change your life for better. Let’s see who is Justin Herald and who he has reached where is today.


About Justin Herald

Justin Herald is an entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker. He was 25 years of old when he started his T-shirt business; during that time, he only had $50 dollars in his pocket. Nevertheless, he started his business Attitude Incorporation. His brand took off with global licensing success and generated revenue of more than 20 dollars annually. Currently, he has written around 8 internationally recognized book and mentors more than 100 entrepreneurs each year. Being a motivation speaker, he organized event all across all over the world with 150K people each year. Justin is considered one of the best speaker from Australia.

In the year 2005, Justin was awarded with the title of The International Entrepreneur of the Year. plus, not so long ago he was titled as the Future Leaders Award which identified as one of the top 50 most influential leader of the next generation in the Australia. Justin launched a new brand known as ReferUS which basically helps the business organization to streamline their sales using word of mouth referrals.

What is Justin Herald Known For?

Justin Herald is known for keeping things real. He says that money is not what makes you successful rather it is just a by-product of your success. Ethics and integrity are the main character traits that Justin is known for.


Learning  About Justin Herald In Depth

Presently Justin Herald is a brand that lets the people create an effective salespeople army by utilizing the latest technology. Whether the company is big or small or from any part of the world, he has managed to take the success rate to amazing heights. In fact, his website justinherald.com receives thousands of visitors every month. Justin calls himself as an “Accidental Entrepreneur”, in fact, he isn’t all comfortable with the work Entrepreneur itself. While he has apparently got the title, he isn’t bothered by it at all.

About starting his business Justin said that he launched his business in quite an Australian way. And in Australia, if you’re offending someone, that is considered a good thing. His father was the minister as well as the head of the religion. Growing up in that situation, people around him always used to dictate him how he should be living his life. But he was thankful that his parents never asked him to live and do things in their perceived certain way.

When he was 25 he was with a girl who complained that Justin had an attitude problem. And he started his business as a way to upset her by printing “I Love My Attitude” on a t-shirt. He went to the bank to see how much money he had. When he was 25 he had some 1 dollar 25 cents in his account. So, he borrowed some money from his younger brother, Dean. So, he got 50 dollars and I he managed to get the t-shirt printed. With 50 dollars he got about 4 t-shirts and sold 3 out of them to his friend. One of the people who purchased the t-shirt was his brother. So, Dean, his brother paid 20 dollars to buy the t-shirt.

After selling the t-shirt he went to his church and the lady was pretty upset seeing it but people actually loved it. Justin says that the lady is still upset with him. He says that even now that 50 dollars is the best spend money in his entire life. As he saw the positive reaction from the people, he decided to sell the shirts further also because he had no other clue what he will be doing in his life. And, this is what he keeps on emphasizing especially during the time he is mentoring- sometimes it is okay if you don’t know what you are doing. As people are always pressured by the society to know what they are doing in their life, where their life is headed; that the thought of not knowing is considered too wrong.

He says you have to keep trying new things if you fail at one; it is completely okay, just try the NEXT thing. Next is what Justin says his favourite four letter words is. So, you feel like things are not going accordingly; it is time to try next thing.

So, as he didn’t know what he was doing, he started by selling the t-shirts to his friends and then friends of friends and eventually they started getting popular among the people. Next thing, he did was to contact a local store to sell his t-shirt but they refused to sell it because they have never heard anything about it. He found that reason to be bizarre in itself but he had a plan. He asked his friends to go that shop and ask about his brand. After a couple of days, he went back and the guy said that everyone is asking about your brand and agreed to put it on sale. His collection was sold out in just 2 weeks and that’s where his life took a new and growing turn. Justin says that he realized that opportunities are made and they don’t just turn up, and when you find one you better seize it quickly.

Later Justin Herald was approached by Philips Electronics and they want to license his brand; during that time, he had no idea what licensing brand means. Later when he realized what actually the company was doing, he quite liked the idea as he was getting paid in royalty for every sale he would be getting exposure from their 180 companies that sold more than 900 products. Plus, he got around 2- 22 ½ % of the total turnover.

Justin says that he never expected to be here and even today he has one goal that he aims at accomplishing per day. The goal is to do better than yesterday; that is something he finds manageable.

While he didn’t expect to be here, he doesn’t take his success for granted. He sold the brand when he was 32 and retired because now he wanted to motivate others and help them grow their business. So today he makes sure that he always has a fresh content that can inspire the business; he does that all because he has immense love for this business.

Justin claimed that in the beginning, he was not the smartest. But when he starts talking he knows exactly what people want to hear. So, in the last 20 years if he has seen people not being successful because they didn’t take the first step for the reason they didn’t know what they will do. And one of the best things Justin says is that what you know right now he is not what you need to get where you aim at getting. So, there is always something more to learn when you need to get to the next level.


Even after this immensely successful and growth Justin is the same person when he started the business. He says nothing about him has changed and that is another thing that he focuses on telling people when mentoring. He says that success from the perspective of money it has never affected me or changed me from who I was. His self-worth has always been above his net-worth and makes sure he always stays grounded. This is why he still prefers to be the guy who bought a couple t-shirts.


Justin Herald’s products:

Starting from selling t-shirts, today Justin Herald is the author of 8 internationally acclaimed books. He sold his first book Would you like Attitude with that?” in the year 2003 and within 3 weeks the book was titled amongst the best-selling books. Here is the list of products by Justin Herald-

  • Prosperity on Purpose
  • Forget the elephants, watch out for the FLEAS!
  • What are you waiting for?
  • It is all a matter of Attitude
  • How to grow your business without spending a single cent
  • Get Motivated
  • Would you like Attitude Like That?
  • Rich Life- CD
  • How to turn your idea into your own personal gold mine- home study course of 11 weeks
  • Would you like Attitude with that?- CD
  • The Power of Perseverance
  • So you have a great idea for a business… What Now?
  • Principles of Prosperity
  • Personal Peak Performance- CD
  • Passion- what is it?
  • One on One
  • Justin Herald LIVE- Learning lesson
  • Justin Herald- the ultimate small business success
  • Impossible is Possible
  • How to grow your business without spending a single cent- CD
  • For the Young Network Marketing Entrepreneur
  • Expanding your comfort zone
  • Driven to Dream
  • 5 Senses of an Entrepreneur

Why People choose Justin Herald to Mentor?

Well, a simple answer to this question would be because he keeps things honest and real. While he is retired, he keeps things refreshing. You can attend a couple of his session and you will always come out learning something new. Another thing about him is that he doesn’t overdo anything, he keeps his mentoring to the level where people can connect with him. With his zest for learning newer things about business even after retirement shows how passionate he is about his mentoring. And you would need someone this passionate to mentor you how to grow as a businessman. Most of the people who have attended his sessions have thanked him for being honest and real. And this is what Justin has always been known for.


Justin Herald as a Motivation Speaker-

Justin Herald is known as one of the best Australian corporate and motivation speakers. Over the past years, he has mentored more than 150,000 people. Justin loves what he does and it clearly shows when he is up on the stage and sharing his story and motivate people to move forward and reach greater heights. While he has taken retirement as a businessman, that doesn’t mean he is away from the business world. He loves business and makes sure he keeps motivating people.

Justin says that sitting on a tree doesn’t mean that you are a tree, similarly making money doesn’t mean you have become successful. For him, it has always been seizing the opportunity at the right moment and making sure you don’t let it go. If you manage to do that; then you can say that you are successful.

Integrity and ethics are some of the important things that can help you reach on top when it comes to character traits of the businessman. So if you want to know Justin Herald or get in touch with him you can go to his official website Justinherald.com. here you will find his product, mentoring site, and speaking site.


Justin Herald is one of those men who proved that sitting is not going to change your future. Nobody has become successful by sitting at their home waiting for an opportunity to come to their door. From being a man who owned 50 dollars to a man who is a mentoring businessman from all across the world; he has proved it’s you who can change your future. His journey even today inspires people and motivate them to do and try new things in their life. One of the most inspiring things about Justin is that he is still the man he was when he was 25; an honest humble person who is extremely passionate about business. He is a perfect example of how dedicatedly following your passion can help you reach to the newer heights in your life.









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