It was a windy night when I was brought to a safe home by a man. I was injured and abandoned when Jack found me. Today I was feeling quite better. My wound was healing and though shakenly I have started walking. I was resting at Jack’s foot while we both sat staring at the view from his courtyard. Jack picked me up to see how I am healing and cradled me up to his chest. It was quite clear that Jack loved animals and I could see I am becoming his favorite as well. I started nuzzling his chest making him giggle. To be honest I was kind of bored sitting at one spot because of my injury and couldn’t wait to get well and jump and play around the house. Jack seems to be at home all the time, and I know it was because of me that he isn’t able to go anywhere.

I know people around Jack think that it is crazy to have a polar bear as a pet, but Jack loved me and why wouldn’t he, after all, I am adorable. I have a thick adorable bundle of fur. With my intense white ears is what makes me admirable and Jack loves to play with them. This time was a little play time of Jack and I swipe my paws at his hand mainly because that is the only movement that I can do right now.

I  never thought I would be living in a home because of course, I belong to a cave. While I didn’t need any hibernation, Jack has made a special room for me where there is lots of ice. Jack got up from the seat and I knew it was my sleeping time. He picked me up and walked towards my room and as I leaned more towards him. He put me down and played with my fur a little bit before whispering “Good Night, your little one.”



Today I was feeling much better and was able to walk as well. I was in the hall where Jack was watching TV. I was happy that I was finally able to walk which means that I can play. I was moving around the entire house and Jack seems to be quite amused by me. However, I become tired soon, seems like I have not fully recovered. I went where Jack was sitting and nuzzled his legs. He got the hint and walked to the kitchen to get my food. He came with my plate with fish in it and I couldn’t be happier seeing that. I munched on the whole plate so quickly. Jack played with my fur, “Looks like someone was really hungry” laughingly he said. I shook my head and leaned towards him agreeably. He laughed even more and patted my back before going to the couch and played his TV again. It was the same day for us until now. We both were sitting at the house casually when Jack picked me and walked to the other side of the room. He walked to my room but it wasn’t even my bedtime. So, to show my reluctance I started moving in his hands “Stop it, you!” Jack said with a smile and firmed his grip on me. He opened the door to my room and I was surprised to see the view in front of me. He created a whole play zone for me with ice block. As soon as, he put me down I ran towards the block and started playing. And, of course, I fell down more than I could remember and that seems to be quite amusing for Jack. I played with around the ice blocks and sculptures that Jack has created for me.


It was an amazing morning for me; because I was playing after so long. In the morning when Jack came to my room, he saw the mess that I have made and started laughing. “Wasn’t you just waiting for this opportunity?” He said laughingly at me as he played with me a little. We both came out of the door to have our breakfast and today Jack decided to officially take me out. No, not out of the house completely but in the garden of the house. As I was completely feeling okay by now; he decided to take me outside the house and let me enjoy the weather.

We both walked towards the garden and Jack played with me for hours. We had a ball that we were rolling on the ground and throwing at each other. It was a fun day for both us. And we certainly enjoyed a lot. After sometimes, Jack said, “I think we should get something to eat.” My little head shake was all the confirmation that he needed and we both headed towards the house. Jack and I were getting closer day by day. While Jack isn’t amongst the ones who showed their emotions out a lot, he certainly loves me a lot in his own way. Jack headed towards the kitchen and came with two plates one for me and the other for him. It was nice outside so we just decided to eat outside. Soon we finished our food and I pulled on Jack’s trouser indicating him that I wanted to play again. “Not that soon little champ; let’s rest for a while and we will definitely go out again.” We stayed there for a while before heading inside the house again.

Jack seems to be full of surprises today when he picked me up abruptly and headed upstairs. He opened a room which seemed like a bathroom and my mind was on full alert. I most certainly didn’t want to take bath, I hated taking bath. I started squirming; “You have to get cleaned up; look how dirty you are.” He said pointing out to my furs that have become brown, thanks to our play session earlier. Jack walked further and slowly put me into the bathtub filled with water. As soon as my body touched the water it somehow became still. “Good boy,” Jack said as he started putting water slowly over me. He then picked out a small bottle from the counter and squeezed. It seems to be body gel on his hand and started massaging it all over my body. I started squirming in my place which made the foam sprinkle on Jacks t-shirt and face. It was a funny sight to see jack face in foam as he tried to look at me as if he is angry. However, he failed when I made an innocent face. Jack laughed and said “Now, don’t give me that look, you cute little devil” while I hated bath at times, messing with Jack is something that I can make this time fun.

Jack seems to be in full grooming mood as he patted me dry with a towel and he took the whole thing to a new level when he blow-dried my hair. He then went to comb my fur which kind of felt nice. So overall, today was a grooming day for me. “aren’t you a handsome little thing” Jack said while playing with my fur. While I didn’t want to accept that, I felt good after the bath; honestly, I always do. Rest of the day went as usual with me and Jack playing around, taking nap, and of course eating lots of food. Well, the last part of all me. At night when Jack and I were having our dinner; I felt like Jack was a bit off. As compared to his mood earlier he was quiet and seemed distracted completely. After eating our quiet dinner, Jack and I went outside to sit for a while; it sort of has become our ritual after dinner. Before sitting down Jack picked me up and cradled me in his lap and softly played with my fur; I and him both seemed to like that very much. “It is time for me to go to work,” he said quietly. I knew Jack couldn’t always stay with me, but hearing this coming from him made me a little sad. I nuzzled further into him. “You are a big boy now, you can take care of yourself for some time, right? He seems to convince himself more than me. “You don’t have to be alone for the whole day; it is just a matter for a couple of hours. I will be back before you know it” he further tries to reason himself. Then, we were both silent for a while and then Jack stood up with me in his hands; It was bedtime.

He walked into my room, put me on the fur bed he has made for me and kissed my head whispering “Good Night Champ.” I could see he was sad, I was too. I have never spent time alone without him, we both didn’t know how I will manage without him but it wasn’t something we could discuss so we decided to sleep on it.


Today Jack had to go to the office. He came to my room and played with me for a while before motioning me outside the room. I noticed that he was wearing office dress maybe that is why he didn’t pick me up. Earlier, this was something he always used to do when he woke me up. We walked straight to the kitchen to have our breakfast. Things were silent between us as he didn’t say anything to me other than “Good Morning.” After finishing the breakfast he crouched down and patted me “You will be okay champ, I know that” he pointed out to the food and my playthings “I have arranged everything you need. Don’t worry, I will come back before you will even know.” With that, he took his bag and headed towards the door. He turned back and said “Bye, and be nice” before taking off.

Well, I was all alone in the house for the first time, and trust me it was beyond boring. I tried playing with my toys and ice blocks that Jack has arranged for me, but it wasn’t fun unless you had someone else to play with. So, for some reason, I started playing with the things around me; which was quite fun actually. I played with everything that I could find, knocked down a couple of things, ripped the cushion apart, and didn’t some other damages as well. While I was playing with the things I knocked down a drawer which collided with glass door. The door crashed and it alarmed the neighbors who had no idea that Jack has a polar bear as his pet. They informed the police as well as Jack. Before I knew, animal control was at the house and with a steel cage. I was running away from them when a man in uniform hit me with the tranquilizer. I was not completely unconscious but I was down. Soon they caged me in the steel bar and carried me to the van. I was put in an animal shelter where things didn’t seem to be nice; all I wanted was to see Jack and go back to home.

After a while, Jack came and after quite a lot of struggle, he was allowed to see me. He came to me and through the bars, he touched my face. “Hey buddy; how are you doing” I simply nuzzled myself further in his hand and looked at him expectedly. He seemed to sense that; he dropped his head and said that “they are not ready to give you away. You don’t belong to a home; you belong out in the ice. And maybe it is what’s best for you in the long term.” We had tears in our eyes and we just stayed there for a while before the officer came and said now Jack had to leave. He simply kissed on my head and said: “I love you buddy; take care.” I was whipping as he left the place. I was soon sent to Siberia, and before going back I was allowed to have a day with Jack in the office itself, it was fun and emotional all at once.


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