Review of Shadmehr Aghili Bet Magic betting site and registration training on Shadmehr Aghili site


Idol or Shadmehr Aghili betting site officially started its activity on December 8, 2016 and has exciting games. This site also works in the field of predicting sports games.At BetMagic site, like other betting sites, there is a possibility of live prediction that you can continue betting until the last minute and registration is done systematically.

The advantage of Idol Magic site, charging with Tetra

Tetra, which is the digital dollar, is one of the most common stable coins that you can easily get by visiting reputable exchange offices. Each tetra is equivalent to one dollar. In addition to exchange offices, you can buy Tetra Get it from people who buy and sell it. Bat Magic has been able to provide the method of charging with Tetra on the betting site, which has made the work very easy for users. بازی انفجار بت مجیک و نحوه کسب درآمد از سایت بت مجیک

Betmajic site rules

BetMagic site, like other betting sites, has a series of rules that you must read before registering on this site. These rules are related to opening an account, authentication, how to deposit and withdraw from the site.

Account rules on the BetMagic site include age, which must be 18 years and older, and entering the correct identity information, because if these items are not recorded accurately, you will have problems at the time of withdrawal. It is also possible to retrieve email or username and password on this site.Idol Magic rules do not allow you to cheat and if it is detected that you have used cheating methods to win the game, your account will be blocked, in which case you should contact support.

Introducing the structure of Idol Magic site

The main menu of Idol Magic When you open the BetMagic site, there are 4 menus on the main page, live preview, pre-game, casino and live casino at the top of the page and at the top, which we will explain.Live prediction is for in-game prediction that is used in ongoing games. In this section, you can predict the end of the game while watching the game live and bet a sum on it.

In the pre-game menu, you can predict the game before it starts and bet a sum for it.In the casino section, you have access to all the casino games that you can play. The live casino section is very popular on the BetMagic site, where you can experience live games with real dealers.

The second menu

In the second menu you have direct access to Android proxy, iOS proxy, support, account recharge, questions / help and gift code. In this section, you can download the Android or iOS application directly from the site and then use the application app to enter the site without the hassle of filtering.

Also use this menu to communicate with the support unit. In addition to contacting support, you will have quick access to the account recharge menu to top up your account, and you can also refer to the questions / help section to resolve any issues. In the end, by receiving the gift code in some sections of the site, you can have attractive bonuses.

The social networks of the betmajic site

Next to the second menu of the BetMagic site, you can follow the active social networks of this site to be informed when changing the address through these networks. Of course, it is worth mentioning that the Facebook network of the BetMagic site is not active and its link does not exist in the menu, but the Facebook icon is inactively placed next to other social network icons. Above, we have introduced social networks in the site information table.

Registration and login menu

Next to the main menu and on the left, there is a registration and login menu that by clicking on it and creating an account, you can enter the BetMagic site and your account. Below we will teach you how to register on this site.

Sign up for the Idol Magic site

Registering on Shadmehr Aghili Bet Magic betting site is not a difficult task and it is done easily. Just go to the left and top of the screen. There is a section called Login for people who have already registered on the site and there is another section for people who want to register on this site for the first time.

After clicking the register button, you will enter a new page where you have to enter your last name, email, available phone and other required information, and finally enter the security code that is displayed in its place. .After completing the information field, remember to check the box for accepting the rules and conditions of the game on the BetMagic site to complete the registration and you can start betting.

How to top up your account?

My first step in betting and playing is to top up your account. You can click on the account recharge option from the user menu and enter there. In this section, there is a total of forecasts, current forecasts, inventory and withdrawable inventory. Also, gift amounts are displayed in this section.On the left side of the page, there is a page of transaction history, receiving prizes, bank history, etc. بر In order to be able to top up your account, there are 4 methods, which we will introduce each of them below.

1- Online banking portal:

One of the advantages of BatMagic site, which has also increased its credibility, is the use of the banking portal. The banking portal has the advantage of recharging your account online very quickly. This action makes it easy for you to enter the games section and play after charging your account. In the banking portal, you can connect to the banking portal of this site with a debit card and top up your account using a dynamic password.

Is Shadmehr Aghili betting site valid?

Yes, it can be said that Shadmehr Aghili betting site is completely valid. Idol Magic is managed by Shadmehr himself. Of course, provided that you have entered the main Idol site. This site has been featured by Shadmehr Aghili himself and has many features and various games and can provide all the needs of the audience for valid betting.

Not to mention that this site has good support and whenever you encounter a problem, the support team will guide you well.It is suggested that you enter the Bat Magic site through the address that is on the main Instagram page of Shadmehr Aghili.This site also supports Persian language well and has a suitable user interface. The application of this site also provides the opportunity to be unfiltered and take advantage of its unique features.

BetMagic app is available for both Android and Apple phones. Where you can play. In the future, this site will become one of the most reputable and popular sites in this field if it proceeds with the same system.You can get good bonuses from casino predictions and loads. You can also get bonuses by inviting other people. If that person completes their registration, then you will be given a 300% bonus. Join us to learn more about the Bat Magic site awards.

Before we get into the site bonuses, if we look at the bonus guide section and Idol Magic prizes, we will find that these prizes are awarded to someone who charges their account for the first time with the desired amount. Also, in some cases, the site itself specifies a time period for the bonus, at which time if the account is charged, the user will be given a percentage of the bonus according to the amount of the bonus. Its full description is available in the site help section.

These bonuses are not withdrawn and must be played with. If you play and win with these bonuses, you can add all or some of it by adding it to the inventory section.Active Bonus and Eid al-Fitr Bonus are two types of prizes introduced by the Idol Magic site, each of which has its own conditions. These prizes are non-transferable and can block your account if the site determines that you intend to transfer them or have multiple accounts to benefit from the bonuses.

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All sites active in this field face filtering problems. But it is suggested that to enter this site, refer to the main page of Shadmehr Aghili on Instagram, which also has a blue tick, and the address of this site is placed in the bio of Shadmehr Aghili’s page.

Satisfaction of users of Shadmehr Aghili betting site

Well, because Shadmehr Aghili has launched and promoted this site, it naturally has many users. And also in this site, there are interesting and attractive features and games that satisfy the users. Also, the user interface of this site is very beautiful and simple.

What is betting insurance on Shadmehr Aghili (betmajic) betting site?

Due to the strong management of this site, there is an interesting feature in the football prediction section called betting insurance so that users do not have to worry about losing their capital for bets that they are not sure about.

Minimum account charge and minimum withdrawal on this site

In this site, you have restrictions for charging accounts and withdrawals, which have been adopted in order to prevent chaos and disorder. Also, these sites should try not to leave a lot of money in one day.The minimum amount for charging the account is 10 thousand tomans and the maximum is 6 million tomans.The minimum amount to withdraw from the account is 100,000 Tomans and the maximum is 5 million Tomans per day, which of course varies according to different groups.

In order to be able to differentiate between its users, the BetMagic site has categorized users according to the deposit amount. In 5 groups normally and 4 VIP groups, each of which can be withdrawn according to the amount of their deposit on the site.

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