Don’t sell solutions, sell stories

Today, many organizations, with their content creation, especially content strategy, try not to blot their copybooks. On the other hand, social media marketers make numerous attempts to read their audience’s mind. Then hop on to the creation of social media strategy.


Businesses keep on looking for Engagement to happen but what disheartens them is NO ENGAGEMENT. And, to have a thought of getting new followers is at a loose end.


The reason behind this is businesses focus on selling solutions. With so much research available on the Internet, people are aware of what solutions can be expected from a product or service.


Also, suggesting someone a product or service, even with the solutions, does not prompt them to make a purchase.


So, you might be thinking about how to do it correctly? The answer is STORYTELLING.


Now, have some flashbacks to the old childhood times. When your mother wants you to eat the veggies you didn’t like, she makes you eat them in a storytelling way. And, you never used to realize when you ate them. But, she used to make you eat those veggies, making you aware of the health benefits.


So, the same you need to do.


In fact, as per, 80% of people expect brands to tell stories. By adding Storytelling into your content writing plan, you can make people turn into listeners.


Storytelling is a key to the lock of connecting people and lets the communication take place, making your content go viral on Social Media. Also, with Storytelling, you get a chance to control the psychological superpowers, which is a powerful marketing tool in itself.


By telling a story, you avail yourself the benefits, which are as follows:


  • Emotion – You will build a personal connection with the people, which will ultimately activate their brain, making them engage with your content.


  • Action – The emotional connection we make them persuasive in taking action. Try to remember the last time you saw a video of an ill mother and her son asking people on Social Media for donations. Maximum chances will be you might have denoted a few cents, but you did it. That was how the story was emotionally effective to make you take action.


  • Value – Stories are capable and easily elicits one’s emotions, actions and sympathy. Apart from that, they build a substantial influence on our mind and actions. By inventing stories, brands can add subjective value to the products or services they are offering.


  • Memory – Storytelling makes it easy to remember things and build a connection. The art of Storytelling makes one memorize something for a more extended period.


So, by incorporating Storytelling into your content and social media strategy, you will build your brands’ personality. Don’t flush the necessary social media platforms that can be beneficial for your brand’s identity in a rush.



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