Adventures Activities in Barrinha De Baixo that will make your Stay Even More Thrilling

The scope for adventure activities in Barrinha De Baixo, Brazil is as enormous as the country itself, and Beach House Blue Bayou’s exoticism makes it an ideal tourist’s paradise and the perfect holiday destination. The lush greenery of Barrinha De Baixo, the beaches, streets, the nightlife, community, and people will leave you amazed. There are plenty of adventure activities to do during your stay at the Blue Bayou and make the most of your holiday. It is home to some of the most exotic beaches in Brazil; hence, you can guess the depth of adventure activities that are in for you.

Apart from the beautiful beach houses, villas, and yummy restaurants, there is more to Blue Bayou.

#1 Kite Surfing

Kite Surfing

One of the best things about your stay at Blue Bayou is that you can opt for many adventure activities. Kite surfing is one of the most preferred outdoor activities by the tourists in Barrinha De Baixo. Blue Bayou has links to professional kite surfers who are more than willing to take the guests for a kitesurf to remember. With the most consistent wind compared to other regions in Brazil, Barrinha De Baixo has become a paradise for the kite surfers and enthusiasts.

#2 Quad Tours

Quad Tours

Barrinha De Baixo has several agencies that offer quad bikes for rent. As a Blue Bayou guest, you can rent quads for quad tours along with your whole and explore the fantastic locations and surroundings. The dunes are the best place to ride your quad. You will sure have a ton of fun.

#3 Fishing


If you have a thing for fishing, Barrinha De Baixo has a lot to offer. The Pescadores are probably the best anglers to have around. Not only they are great characters but can teach you a thing or two about fishing. You can catch lobsters, fishes, and in between, you can enjoy some local music as well. The best part, you can cook and enjoy the freshly caught fish made in one of the traditional barraca’s on the beach itself.

#4 Yoga Retreats

Yoga Retreats

Both Beach House Blue Bayou and Casa Blue Bayou offer yoga retreats to its guests. You can enjoy a pleasant group yoga workout sessions with your instructor and forget all the stress that you have in your life. The best part is the scenic beauty in the background while you float above the camboa.

Barrinha De Baixo has become a getaway destination for families, bachelors, and even for those who prefer to travel alone. Filled with thrill, adventure, beaches, and shacks, and the world’s one of the most beautiful beach resorts – Blue Bayou, it is a must visit the place on Earth.

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